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Preference #54 You’re Not British 

Harry: …So when you move to his country, you are left feeling alone. You didn’t know anybody, and with a different culture, you were having a hard time adjusting. Harry was patient and caring. He helped you get used to UK, and he was there to help you gain new friends. After all, Harry would always bring you out and introduce you to his friends. They were all kind enough to befriend you, too. 

Liam: The first time you visit his hometown with him, you were bombarded with many unfamiliar terms and sayings. Liam was amused with your apparent confusion, and it was then when he made the decision to teach you and convert you into a British-speaking person. He would use confusing terms and would make you guess the meaning of those terms until you started speaking it. It was a frustrating process, but when you finally spoke and understood British slang, he was proud and overjoyed.

Louis: It annoyed him that you call ‘football’ ‘soccer’. He would correct you every time you said ‘soccer’, and you would just laugh and ignore him. Even when the two of you have been dating for a while now and he’s probably corrected you more times than you can remember, you say ‘soccer’ to tease him. He would pretend to get mad, and you’d say, “I can’t help it. We were born to say ‘soccer’. Our football’s different.” “Yeah. Of course, your football is way better than our football since football doesn’t really need to use the foot most of the time even if it’s called foot-ball. You just use your hands and snatch the pig skin from one person to another.” 

Niall: One of the things he loves about you is that you, or your country rather, has a very exquisite palette. You would make him taste the dishes from your country, and although at first he was reluctant to try very peculiar-looking meals, he softens up to them. When you’re in the UK with him, he would make sure you have a supply of ingredients to make his favorite (your country) dishes. 

Zayn: With your twang and his thick accent, it was hard for the two of you to understand each other. It took you a long time to finally understand him, and the same goes for him. Now people would just stare at the two of you either in confusion or in awe whenever the two of you are talking to each other, because even though the twang and the thick accent is still there, the two of you understand each other completely.

Preference # 53 You’re Just Friends and He Accidentally Touches Your Boobs 

Harry: You came to their place for a visit, and he was listening to demos of new songs for One Direction’s new album. He smiles widely at you, and he takes the pizza you brought with you to the kitchen. You follow him, and the two of you sit at the counter and eat pizza. He hums along to the songs playing, and he tilts his head to your direction. “What’d you think of the songs?” “Absolute rubbish,” you reply in jest. He jumps off the counter and lifts you off the counter. He runs to the living room with you placed on his shoulder like a sack. He puts you down on the couch and hovers above you to tickle you. “Take it back,” he says, tickling you fast. You kick around, trying to hit him in the groin. “Never!” You shout, and you try to grab his hands to stop him from tickling you. With your frantic wriggling, and Harry’s constant tickle attacks, his hand ends up poking your boob. You squeal in surprise, and Harry sees it as a reaction to being tickled at your most “ticklish” part. He starts poking it again, and although you tell him not to poke you there, he doesn’t stop. “You’re poking my boob, you pervert!” You shout, unable to slap his hand away. He stops altogether and stares down blankly at you before he scrambles away and apologizes over and over again. You assure him it’s alright as long as he doesn’t do it again.

Liam: He’s very playful when he’s with you because when you were younger, you would always tease him that you were stronger than him. You would easily lift you off the ground, and although he never told you, he was really embarrassed about it. Now that he’s stronger and bigger, every time you visit, he would always lift you around and say, “Who’s stronger now?” You’d laugh at his obvious display of power, and you’d nod your head and pat him on the shoulder. “You are. Now put me down.” Usually, he would lift you up by your armpits, but one day, when the two of you were hanging around in his backyard, he tries to lift you bridal-style. His hand unfortunately lands on your boob, and the two of you squeak in surprise. He accidentally drops you, and as you rub your butt to ease the pain, he squats beside you, rubs the side of his head bashfully and smiles cheekily. “Sorry. That wasn’t there when we were younger.” And you’d smack him in the head and laugh. “A ‘sorry’ was enough, you knobhead.”

Louis: The two of you were playing PS4 at his place when a blackout occurs. You stand up from your seat and you hear him stand up, as well. “Where are your flashlights?” You ask, trying to move one step at a time. You hear him beside you. “They’re at my room. Shit. Should’ve charged my iPhone. Where’s yours anyway?” “Mine got snatched, remember?” The two of you continue to walk blindly in the dark when you trip over what you assumed was the PS4. You fall to the floor with an ‘oof’. “Why’d you even place this stupid thing on the floor?! Help me up!” “Don’t call it stupid! I can’t see you!” “That’s ‘cause this room is dark enough as it is! You should’ve had windows built in this room.” “I’ll keep that in mind when I rebuild this place, architect.” You stand up on your own, but when you turn around, Louis’ hand is on your shoulder. “Is that you?” You roll your eyes and thank God he didn’t see it. “No shit, Sherlock.” He then places his hands on your face, neck, shoulders and arms and feel you up like he usually does when he pretends to be blind when he’s wearing his sunglasses. You laugh at his playfulness, but you stop when he reaches down and touches your chest. You step back and punch him on the shoulder. “Pervert,” you say. He chuckles and says, “It was an accident!”

Niall: The two of you were having a pint at your place when you started to feel your heartbeat race. Liquor has that effect on you, and although it happens all the time when you drink, you can’t help but place your hand by your heart. Niall stares at you and asks, “What’s wrong?” You shake your head in dismissal and place your hand on your lap. “My heart’s beating too fast again. It always happens when I’m drinking beer.” Before you could even realize what Niall was doing, his hand was planted flat on your left breast. In your surprise, you slap him. “The fuck was that for?” He asks, rubbing his sore cheek. You place your hand on your chest and laugh. “You surprised me! Jesus, Niall, you shouldn’t have copped a feel like that.” He brushes off your comment and insists he only did that because he’s worried. Yeah right.

Zayn: You were dancing for a routine with your dance partner when Zayn drops by at your dance studio. At first, he sits by the mirror in front and watches you and your partner practice your routine, but soon he gets bored and stands up. “Can you teach me that?” He asks your dance partner, and at first, you and your dance partner stare at him. He repeats himself. “Can you teach me that? The routine just now. It looks cool. Wasn’t that in Dirty Dancing? Me mum was watching it the other day.” You smile at him and tease him, “Can you handle it, Malik?” “Of course, (Y/L/N).” Your dance partner teaches him the routine, and you and Zayn go through the steps slowly at first. When he’s confident enough about his dance moves, he asks you to dance it with him with the music, and you nod your head, happy that he learned so fast. The two of you dance happily, and when you back up to prepare for the big jump, the two of you make faces at each other. You run to him, and he lifts you up easily. However, since his hands were long, when he lifts you up by your armpits, both his thumbs end up placed on your boobs. You don’t react, because those ‘accidents’ happen and you know he didn’t mean to do it. However, when he was driving you back to your place, he was quiet. He then gushes about being sorry for accidentally touching your boobs. He goes on and tells you that he respects you as a woman and that you’re his friend. You place your hand on his shoulder and smile, touched that he cares about how you feel. “It’s fine, really. It happens. I know you didn’t mean it. You know I would’ve already punched you if I knew you did it on purpose.”

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